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You’re Either a Dreamer or a Millionaire

This book is practical and not theoretical. Have you had enough of unworkable theories? Unworkable theories are “myths of knowledge.”  They do not create any effect or inspire change in people’s lives. Approach this book with a practical mind for all resources in it are practical. This book is a bank of ideas and thoughts.


Many times we ask ourselves why so and so is able to amass a fortune, when at one point they were in the same situation as us? He wanted to succeed, that is why he made it.

Follow me. It is not only the matter luck, and I’m not even a fan of it. Do you rely on luck to fulfill your dreams? It is said that “luck is where preparation meets opportunity”? You have to be prepared to utilize the opportunity that surrounds you -that is your luck. Never wait for luck to just show up. Do you catch my drift? Will you still continue to wait for “luck”?

This book cost you money and I believe you bought it to make money or change your present situation. If you borrow it from someone it is for a purpose. Money is important whether you agree or not. If you doubt what I say try to ride a bus for free. Whatever your attitude may be towards money, you are right. If you don’t revere it, you will not get it.




We often hear people say opportunity knocks but once. I want to run counter to that saying “What is opportunity in the first place”? According to the Oxford Dictionary, it is “a time or set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something”. In my own way; it’s the occurrences of events that make things happen. How many times have you heard of this phrase “opportunity knocks”? I believe that we are surrounded by opportunities every blessed day of our lives. Unfortunately we don’t “flash on” it. They say “opportunity knocks but once” but it actually knocks at our doors as long as you have your door shut. He never breaks into your room if you don’t invite him. He is always available and waits for you. Avail yourself to him!

Until you recognize the door handle (the gateway to opportunity), you will ever gaze at the glistering stars hoping to conjure him from the beautiful sky. One of the key factors to spotting an opportunity is to have a “burning desire” for it .If you don’t yearn for something it is hardly noticeable.

People who invented all sort of things that made life better for us are not just mere inventors, but, they are opportunity seekers. They desired it. Let’s take a look at Alexander Fleming, a Scottish scientist, who left a pile of dirty Petri dishes open at his work place and went on vacation. On his return he found out that most had been contaminated. There was a bacterial growth around the mould.

According to the Nobel Prize website, Fleming dumped most of the dishes in a vat of Lysol. But when he got to a dish containing staphylococcus, something odd caught his attention. And what made him spot that? This was the beginning of an idea that would change the world. The dish was covered in colonies of bacteria, except in one area where a blob of mould was growing. Somehow the mould was in an area free from bacteria, as if the mould had blocked the bacteria from spreading. He realized it could be used to kill a wide range of bacteria. So penicillin was discovered right there. The answer to why some people are able to find opportunities is because they are simply opportunity hunters.

We are all born inventors, but the problem is we rarely act on instinct. Successful businessmen and women aspire to greater things than a boring cubicle and a nagging boss. If you’re waiting to act on a million dollar idea you might dumb yourself down a notch. Figure out and work your way to success. Make the idea you have a brilliant one.


“Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life – think of it, dream of it, and live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success”. Swami Vivekananda


Out of our natural desire to make things happen; achieve a goal, change a career, there is a natural wish that stimulates us to go for it against all odds.

Life is like lifting weights. They press down on you and you need to push it up. You either stay under the heavy barbell breathless or fight with nature and gravity to gain your freedom. It is the same as resolving a difficult situation and achieving success.

Living in your comfort zone? There is a life much better than what you are living now. You need to stretch out for more promising opportunities. If you are looking for a way to see bread on your table early in the morning, you should be the luckiest person but may not necessarily be right. Excuse me for saying it, but you might be living in a fool’s paradise. Otherwise, I will strongly urge you to challenge your-self, tune your mind-set to going beyond just what you have opted for. Sow a seed today and live in expectancy.


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